Integrated Renewable Energy & Resource Efficiency (iRERE)
Integrated Renewable Energy & Resource Efficiency (iRERE)

Renewable Energy

Inspirentia has 3 approaches to implement your renewable energy needs

Wheeling of Energy IPP: Inspirentia can supply energy to Client’s operations via our renewable energy plants, wheeled through Eskom and Municipal infrastructure.

RE-IPP-Procuement Programme – Development, Tender, Financial Close, Ownership and Management of projects for the DMRE/Eskom IPP Programme.

Behind the Meter IPP: Incpirentia can establish renewable energy plants directly connected behind the meter to Client’s operations, that would provide energy to Client’s operations.

(D)EPC(F) Services: Inspirentia can support Client’s in conceptualisation, development, financing, engineering, construction and management of Client’s renewable energy and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) projects. These plants can be owned either by yourselves or a third party.

Battery Energy Storage

Inspirentia provides Generation & Energy Storage solutions to improve energy security for utilities like Eskom, industrial, mining, and commercial clients.

The battery energy storage systems (BESS) are modular and scalable to meet your requirements. The modules are highly integrated. Our logistics specialists have international experience in handling BESS to minimise any fire risks and other hazards. We monitor these systems through our smart applications and care centres on a continuous and real-time basis. This is a critical step to reducing energy cost and ensuring energy security. The designs and modelling support investments over the short and long term with the objective to reduce the cost of electricity.

Our international partners have large scale manufacturing capacity, international certifications and technologies that are proven effective on large scale plants. These battery energy storage systems are integrated with renewable energy plants, including Solar PV and Wind, to maximise the energy generation, storage, and distribution from these renewable energy sources.

Our local and international partners are specialists in ensuring the security, safety, and fire protection of these systems. We have the electrical, instrumentation and civil engineering expertise to design, install, commission, and operate large scale battery energy storage systems.

Resource Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: Lighting and Electrical Fittings Retrofit; HVAC Efficiency; Steam Production Efficiency; Water Heating Efficiency

Water Efficiency: Leak Detection, Repair, Water Efficiency & Retrofit

Alternate Waste Management: Sorting, Recycling, Waste Management & Retrofit

iRERE AI-IoT Platform

Intelligent multi-point IoT device arrangements connected to a big AI data platform for robust real-time AI and Data Analytics supporting validation, savings, monitoring, predictive maintenance, resource security and meeting Client’s strategic Net Zero and ESG targets.
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