Integrated Medical Technologies (iMedT)

Inspirentia's medical technologies joint venture company is Vecteng SeedTree. Vecteng SeedTree provides accessible, innovative and affordable healthcare. They connect patients with doctors and medical aids remotely in real-time, leveraging technology and IoT in Healthcare.


Ayati Devices - Vibrasense

A wireless & portable Peripheral Neuropathy Screener that provides better accuracy and efficiency than your regular Biothesiometers. This is to monitor Peripheral Neuropathy patients with ease.



Kinexcs - Kimia Recover

A knee recover management system which provides continuous monitoring to generate personlised knee health data during the recovery path.



Kinexcs - Kimia Move

A computer vision & AI powered digital therapist & trainer.


Kinexcs - Kimia Asses

A smart musculoskeletal (MSK) health assessment system



Sunfox - Spandan portable ECG device

Spandan is a 12 lead portable ECG device that offers 24/7 ECG remote monitoring through its compact design and smartphone app.



Inito - Fertility Monitor

Inito measures Estrogen and Luteinizing hormones to predict fertile days and measures Progesterone to confirm whether ovulation has occurred. It connects to a smart phone and measures and analyses the data via the smartphone app.



Piscium - Alpha Nano Diamond Bur

The world's 1st commercially launched nano diamond bur. Nano sized diamonds are embedded onto helical blades which provides a longer life, significantly smoother cavities and minimal microleakage of restorations. This provides improved patient comfort and prognosis.


BramhAnsh - Wellming

Wellming is a patented wearable tech that provides vibroacoustic therapy. Their patented transducer technology produces vibration of sound which travels through skin, tissues, and bone to reach the ears and the brain, stimulating them to trigger a natural relaxation response of the body.